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With a Royal Roads MBA and 15 years of retail banking experience in a variety of roles, Christy Hemmingway has a strong understanding of business. She has experience creating winning strategies to build cohesive teams in a multi-channel network. In addition Christy has been closely involved with change management projects through design to implementation and follow-through. This has included supporting the design of a new strategy and support role, a new protocol for existing positions, and various sales leadership activities. With experience not only within the Branch, but outside in roles such as Human Resources Counsellor and Senior Manager Sales and Customer Experience, Christy has developed an ability to impact and influence a broad group of people regardless of reporting lines. She has an ability to view problems from different angles, and leverage those around her to support creative problem solving processes while driving the business forward. Christy’s passion for developing people has been proven through the movement of people to bigger and different roles, utilizing transferable skillsets and stretching them to believe in their abilities. These skills coupled with her qualifications to facilitate EQ-i 2.0 & EQ 360 assessments create great synergy in her coaching sessions.

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