Meet Melissa, she’s pushing boulders…

#GrowthZone Podcast Ep. 001


Some people inspire us. We often look to celebrities or people in the spotlight because it is easy, they are so visible, however what about those people in our everyday life?

For the last year I have been Facebook stalking – in a non-creepy way – someone whom I grew up with. We didn’t grow up together to the extent where we painted each other’s nails or rode bikes to the library to solve mysteries with each other, but we grew up in the same small town a year or two apart in age and for all intents and purposes knew who the other was.

So I’ve been Facebook stalking her because I’ve been impressed with all that she has done for animal rights, relentlessly pushing to make the world a better place for our four legged friends. And I kept thinking, “I need to talk to her.”¬†What is inspiring about Melissa is not just her work with animal rights (because that is incredible in itself), what is inspiring is her relentless pursuit to make the world a better place through love and compassion.

I was so inspired, in fact, that I decided to create a podcast that focuses on the everyday heroes in our lives. Those people who relentlessly push the boulder up the hill to make an impact, regardless of how many times they get pushed back. They don’t let the no’s stand in their way, they just keep going.

So this week, I present to you the very first #GrowthZone podcast, where I had the privilege of interviewing Melissa (O’Shea) McKeachnie and she told me about what keeps her moving forward. I’d love it if you would take a listen and provide your comments and insights.

And if you too are inspired by Melissa and want to get involved, you can check out C.A.R.E. (Canadian Animal Rights Education) on Facebook, their website, or send them an email for more information or to get involved in their petition to the Alberta Government.

And if you know someone who is a boulder pusher, send me their information, I want to get to know them too, so they can inspire me and others in the #GrowthZone podcast!

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