How to start a revolution

-Somewhere along the way we became tamed. Domesticated to live the path that makes the most sense.-

A year ago we were many, set out on an adventure, some wiser to the changing tides than others. The other night we were four. The four of us sitting at a white-washed high-top table in the corner of a local establishment. The wine tasted like more, the conversation a catching-up of like-minded individuals, all of us on our own adventure, some of us about to merge our adventures into something exciting. It is in these moments when we can see all of the possibility laid out before us. Maybe it’s the wine, and maybe it’s the company, but I like to think it’s the fact that each one of us has an endless amount of possibilities. All we need to do is pick the path, the pieces, the times to say yes and dive in headfirst.

Each of us, on a different path than when we first met a year ago, how is it that life could change and spin in so many new directions, and that’s when she said it: “I keep thinking I should be scared, I should be terrified of all of these new things I’m doing and taking on. And then every time I get a little bit scared I think, oh well, I’m going to die one day anyway.”

There was laughter, and a bit of shock at that honesty. Because it was a raw truth that allowed her to break through her gremlins and grow in ways she could never have imagined. And what an important truth it is. In fact, it became the theme for the evening as we explored all of the different paths in front of us – some out loud, some internally, locked in our heads, a battle of the familiar vs the desired.

So often we allow fear to stop us. Usually the fear comes from our own judgement. We let so many things get in the way of our path. That fear that stops you cold, in your tracks, keeping you from exploring the road less traveled.

Think back to when you were a child. Were you so hesitant to charge through, to lift yourself up from the ground, shaky hands holding onto the wall, or table for support? Or did you swing about your joy and life with abandon?

Somewhere along the way we became tamed. Domesticated to live the path that makes the most sense.

In sales we often look at clients and think: “What is the next logical product for this client?” and we work to make that sale based on the natural progression that has evolved over time and exposure. But what if, instead we looked at our own next logical product, or path, or choice and said screw it, I’m going to do the thing that I desire in my heart, and eventually my head will catch up, because dammit, I’m going to die one day anyway, and I want to know that while I was here I lived.

This might seem an irresponsible thought process, and I’m not suggesting doing things that are illegal and cause pain to yourself or others. Rather, instead of being locked by your own judgement and societal pressures, what if you lived your own revolution? Break down the walls you’ve created around yourself, remove the barriers that stop your from moving forward, whether they are people, thoughts, things…

How do you start a revolution?

  • Care less –  care less about the things you don’t really care about. Care less about the judgement that comes from what “should” be. Care less about how others impression of you makes you feel.
  • Care more – care more about the things that fuel the flame in your heart. Care more about how you feel about you.Care more about the movements, passions, and desires that you have been putting aside for one day, and care more about making one day today.

Every revolution starts with one thought that takes seed, grows roots and bursts forth, blossoming into something powerful. So what is your revolution? Plant the seed, nurture it, and let it grow, because, honestly, you’re going to die one day anyway, wouldn’t it be good on that day to know that you lived!

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