Why you need to remove the safety net and jump

Sometimes the only way to fix what isn't broken is by jumping in with both feet.

I’m a skier. Not like a competitive, slalom, freestyle, trick skier. But of the winter sports that involve hills and snow and traveling at high speeds I like to ski. It could be because I first learned to ski at a young age. I loved it, the wind on your face, the sound of the snow as you carve your skis into it, the feeling of fresh powder, even the satisfying fatigue of an epic day spent on a mountain.

I tried snowboarding once. I didn’t like it. I respect snowboarders and their place on the hill, but I didn’t like that my feet were both tied to the same board. I didn’t like that I didn’t know how to do it, and I knew how to ski, so why was I doing this? I quickly went back to the chalet and traded the board for skis and enjoyed the rest of my day on the slopes. I haven’t tried snowboarding since. And it has become a metaphor for business.

Sometimes when we feel really comfortable doing something it is hard to try something different. Why would we? We found our stride, why fix what isn’t broken? But what if by not getting both feet in at the same time, on the same board, and working together to carve downhill your feet are straddled between the future and the past?

What if instead of getting serious about something that can propel you forward you are just playing at the edges, hoping for success?

This is often the case with new entrepreneurs. I know it happened with me. The idea of the back-up plan or safety-net created molasses like momentum, because I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know if this was the right direction, niche, market. I knew that I could go back to my previous career if all else failed. And then, I baked a humble pie and realized going back to my old career was in the past, and I needed to let go of that notion if I was really going to move forward.

It turns out having both feet on one board is actually quite freeing. When you come to terms with removing the safety-net or back-up plan, the opportunity to just go back to your old life, only then can one really jump into their venture with both feet and truly experience the ride.


Are you ready to jump into your future with both feet? For the month of May I have re-opened the 30-30-30 Challenge! This challenge is about coaching as many people in the month of May as possible in order to do one thing – support your personal and professional growth! Coaching sessions are kept 100% confidential and are 100% free! That’s right, you can have a one-on-one coaching session with myself by booking a time that works for you in my calendar. All you have to do is pick the time and we will meet on Skype. Questions, send me an email, or if you are ready to invest 30 minutes into your own personal growth schedule your session right now!

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