Why your business is like a piece of fruit… or is it?

Red delicious or ambrosia, peach or dragon fruit, your business, like varieties of fruit, is not comparable to others!Apples are a perfectly nice fruit. They provide nourishment, apparently one a day will keep the doctor away, and when comparing you want to ensure you are comparing apples to apples not oranges…

Or do you?

It always seemed so silly to me that we would compare apples and oranges, they are quite clearly different. But what happens when we compare apples to apples?  In business you and I might both have apples for a business, but what if mine is a Honeycrisp and your’s is a Granny Smith? Those are completely different apples. And what if I don’t want my business to be an apple because I prefer peaches or dragonfruit?

The truth is, businesses, like fruit, have different growing seasons, they take different amounts of time to ripen, and they appeal to different groups of people. So if you are sitting there comparing your business, and where you are at to another business, you are missing the opportunity to ensure that your variety, your business, your value proposition is distinct and different.

Instead of comparing to other businesses, take inspiration from them, and get to know your own a little better. Most importantly don’t throw the whole thing away because you found a bug in it. Cut the bug out and continue to enjoy and nurture your business for the Red Delicious or Ambrosia it is.


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