Turn your head

It's not enough to open your eyes - You need to turn your head!

How often does this happen to you, you’re strolling/driving/scooting along a street you’ve been down a hundred times, you turn your head, and you see something you never realized was there. Right there, in that spot, that you’ve passed a million times. Did it just pop up? Did they build it overnight, and the air is so toxic that there is already rust? Did they clear the trees from in front of it and now you can see what had been behind them all this time? Did you drive through a portal without even knowing, and now you are on Earth 2 and on this Earth this building/tree/site/whatever has always existed?

Or how about this scenario, you’re with a friend/colleague/partner who says “OH MY GOD, did you see that ‘person’ walk by with the…, or the cute guy…, or wasn’t that ‘so-and-so’ that just walked by?” And you can’t figure out what he/she is talking about, because you never saw. You never noticed. You weren’t looking in that direction.

It is not enough to open your eyes, if all you do is stare straight forward. You need to turn your head. In relationships if you stare straight ahead and never notice what is on the periphery you are likely missing out on some important points of the other person – good or bad.

In life, keeping your vision focused only forward sometimes makes it so you miss all of the incredible things that are going on around you.

In business, if you never turn your head, you will get blindsided by your competition, or by what your customer wants and how they are changing.

So start noticing what is around you, not just what is right in front of you – turn your head!

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This program is the Key to your(2)

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