Another day

I’m a fan of the exclamation point! It gives a sense of expression. It let’s people know that hey, I’m excited! Or hey, look out there is a bear behind you! AHHH!

I was in line yesterday in the cafeteria and the cashier asked the guy in front of me how things were going. The same question millions of cashiers ask every day, hoping for a simple “good”, and move on. In this case the customer responded with, “oh you know, another day,” sigh. Hum drum. Blah. Grrr. (Notice the lack of exclamation points?)

There was a serious lack of enthusiasm in the response, and I am first to put up my hand and cry “GUILTY!” of the same response. But then I thought, what if he had said, “Another day! It’s another day and I am here, and I am living, and shit, it’s great!” Imagine, the reaction. I know you can, because here is what would happen, there would be an infection. It would spread slowly at the corners of the cashier’s mouth. A little twitch.  A small wriggle of the facial muscles as he grinned. He might have even laughed, gave the guy a hearty slap on the back with a “good for you man!”

There for sure would have been those that thought, “crazy, what’s he so happy about. Must be nice to be happy…” grumble grumble.

But here’s the thing, you can choose. You can choose how you are going to react, and how you are going to infect people. Isn’t it better to infect with ENTHUSIASM than with grumble grumble – disdain. Because if we all choose enthusiasm and positivity soon our surroundings will reflect that choice.

I’ve whipped up some stats here for you to see the benefits of enthusiasm – note these are in no way scientific and in every way made up!

Completley arbitrary stats on enthusiasm

I choose enthusiasm and exclamation points! Join me in the #GrowthZone for more exclamation points and made up stats!

One thought on “Choose ENTHUSIASM!

  1. Warning:

    There is a pandemic of infectiously happy people spreading joy in the world. If you are exposed, there is an 87.9% chance of infection. So shelter in place, ride this out, and protect your loved ones from infection!

    Good reminder that our perception of the world and our lives is of our own making. So, does one choose to be happy, miserable, or somewhere in between. If its a choice (and it is) why do people choose to be anything other than happy! F*&# Yeah! 🙂

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