Having it all…

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 8.20.03 PMI bet you thought you couldn’t have it all.

You were wrong.

We could get in a debate about it. But instead of arguing let’s look at it logically. What is “it all”? What is it that you are trying to accomplish?

For so many, and for so long, the idea of having it all, specifically for women, has been defined for us. It usually consists of perfect husband, strong enough to carry us over thresholds, 2.5 children, a dog, a McMansion that the neighbours are jealous of, and of course a huge career. This idea incubates from a young age, and we volley between the sides of stay-at-home Barbie and working Barbie. But I wonder, whose ideal is this? Is this the all that you had in mind?

There have always been those that we consider weird, rebellious, not normal; but in recent years that subset is starting to cultivate a followership, and normal is changing. These are the people who have thought of doing things a little differently. They are happy to go after a different version of “it all”. Their “all” might include following a passion that would be impossible to ignore, traveling the world, experiencing life instead of things.

I used to think that having it all fit in the description above. Upon reflection, my “it all” is starting to look different. Having it all shouldn’t be about material things, status, role, money, or any thing. Instead, having it all should be about a sense of accomplishment and purpose, a sense of inspiration and wonder, a sense of mastery, a sense of connection and love.

It’s exhausting going after the version of having “it all” represented above, and the problem with it is that “it all” is never enough. However, if you start to think of what you truly want in life, its amazing how soon you’ll realize that you already have it all.

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