What are you waiting for? Enough…

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 10.48.28 AMThis isn’t where I thought I was going with my post this week. I was going to write about values and the importance of them in planning out your goals, but then this came into my head and here we are… and isn’t it fitting?

What are you waiting for?

  • The perfect point in your career
  • Your hair to grow a certain length
  • Your waist to be a certain circumference
  • X $$$$$’s in the bank
  • The right compliment
  • Someone else to do it for you
  • The right moment
  • The right partner
  • The right……
  • To be good enough
  • Enough money
  • Enough time
  • Enough love
  • Enough friends
  • Enough things
  • To be enough for someone else
  • To be enough for yourself
  • To be brave enough

I could go on. In this world of do more with less, it never feels like we have enough of anything. But let me tell you something, you have enough of the right things: enough air, enough space, enough resources to figure it all out. So what exactly are you waiting for to move forward?

This world of not enough, is enough to make you freeze, or to move in directions you don’t understand. It is never too late to start something, to go after something, to be something, but know this – you are enough! So quit sitting on the sidelines of your life waiting for something to happen to you, jump in, move forward. Enough said!

P.S.: On a side note do you ever notice how words when you write them over and over again just look weird – enough – am I right!?

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